Watergate Bay - Mobile/Online Case Study

Chris Jaquet
3 months agoMarch 3, 2021
curious what the total project time was for this change, from concept to fully implemented.        this is the real key, let staff be the great staff they are, dont bog them down with processes that suck
2 months agoMarch 18, 2021
Thank you Chris.  I responded by email but I will also post here.  Obviously, it is not an overnight transition.  They started with a plan to lay the foundation for their guest experience vision (consolidating their multiple systems down to one or two core vendors that provide a unified solution), then launched a new seamless online booking experience and finally launched their new Mobile Concierge App.  This could be accomplished over a few months but they have evolved their guest experience strategy over the last 2 years.  Agreed about the point Judi makes about freeing up your staff to be great hosts.  Many hoteliers still believe that technology cannot play a part in making the guest experience more personal--this is simply not true. - Best, Frank Pitsikalis.
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